Chris Jericho Haircut

Chris Jericho has the mullet haircut. The hairstyle, which is also referred to as a ‘fro or man bun’ was popularized by professional wrestlers such as Bob Backlund, who had a distinctive hairstyle with large sideburns and long hair in the front. In recent years, Chris Jericho has been seen sporting a mullet haircut that is longer than his head.

Chris Jericho’s mullet is not just for wrestling fans. He is one of the few celebrities that can pull off this hairstyle because it suits him well. The look fits with his rugged good looks and personality.

The mullet haircut has been around since at least the 1980s when it was popularized by professional wrestlers such as Bret Hart and Steve Austin. The mullet can be done any length — from buzzed short or long — but it’s most commonly seen with a medium-length cut that falls just past the shoulders.

Who is Chris Jericho?

Christopher Keith Irvine, better realized by the ring name Chris Jericho, is an American-Canadian expert grappler and vocalist. He is at present endorsed to All First class Wrestling, where he is the head of the Jericho Appreciation Society stable.

In his early life, he worked as a bouncer at a nightclub. In 1997, he was part of the first incarnation of The Highlanders with Davey Boy Smith and Dynamite Kid. The three later worked together in various incarnations of The Nation of Domination (NOD).

Jericho is perhaps best known for his stints in World Championship Wrestling (WCW) and their rival promotion, Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW). His most famous feuds include those with Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair. He also feuded with Sting, Vader and Chris Benoit during this time period.

In 1999, Jericho left WCW for ECW and won its World Heavyweight Championship twice before leaving for WWE in 2001. There he formed The New World Order (nWo) faction along with Hollywood Hulk Hogan. He later formed another faction called “The Alliance” with Rob Van Dam, Tommy Dreamer and Lance Storm before eventually turning on them all.

Chris Jericho Haircut Name

Chris Jericho has the mullet haircut. The mullet is a hairstyle that involves shaving or cutting hair into a low and tight hairstyle, typically in a “pompadour” or “mullet” shape. The name comes from the Old English word muldre, meaning “to comb.”

Mullets have been around since ancient times and have been worn by many famous people throughout history. One of the most well-known examples is Elvis Presley, who had one of the most famous mullets out there. He would style his hair into a pompadour and then later would cut it up into a mullet when he wanted to get rid of it for some reason or another.

Chris Jericho has been known for having one of the best mullets out there as well. He has had his hair styled into this style for so long that there is no way that he could ever get rid of it now. His mullet looks amazing and he always gets compliments whenever someone sees him with his hair styled like that.

Mullet Haircut

The mullet is the perfect haircut for a rugged man. It’s easy to style and the hairstyle works well in any season, making it a great option for men with thick hair and coarse facial features.

The mullet is a classic, masculine haircut that can be worn with pride by anyone who wants to look their best. From the beach to the barber shop, this hairstyle is always a crowd favourite. The best part? It takes only minutes to style, so you can look your best in no time flat!

The mullet haircut is a hairstyle that has been popular with men for decades. It was first seen in the 1950s, but what started out as an alternative look to the crew cut soon became a cool style for anyone who wanted to add some of their own flairs to their look.

How to get the Mullet Haircut?

The best way to get the mullet haircut is to use a pair of clippers. You need to follow a few steps before you start cutting your hair. First, clean the clippers with soap and water.

Second, make sure that they are charged with electricity and ready for use. Third, trim off any stray hair on your head with the clippers and then rinse it off with water.

Fourth, trim off any longer hairs in your eyebrows and moustache area. Fifth, trim off any longer hairs on the sides of your head next to your ears. Sixth, use some conditioner or styling gel on your hair and then comb through it with a brush or comb before drying it completely by using a hairdryer.

Finally, go over your hair one more time using the same method if necessary to get rid of any leftover hairs left over after washing it off with warm water and drying it out with a hairdryer or blow dryer.

The mullet haircut is not just about aesthetics, though. It also has practical applications for men who want to keep their hair short but still have some length at the back and sides.

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